Abrasive Blasting Professionals

Tanks, Structural Steel, Piping, and Conveyor Systems

New Kent Coatings, Inc. performs sandblasting or abrasive blasting on many structures including Tanks, Structural Steel, Piping, and Conveyor Systems.

Surface preparation

Surface preparation is crucial in any high performance industrial coating project. Abrasive blasting is the primary means of accomplishing a quality, well adhered end result. The most commonly utilized blast media is “black beauty” or sand, however, the use of other abrasives is often necessary depending on the substrate the coating is being applied and the owner’s specifications, or environmental concerns. Other media utilized includes steel grit, recycled crushed glass, walnut hulls, sponge and garnet.

Confined space projects

Many times our blast operations require confined space entry. We tackle confined space projects on a regular basis whether performing an inspection blast, removing and re-coating the interior surfaces or relining. Our employees are trained to the highest possible safety standards for confined space work operations.

Any Project Size or Scope

We also have the necessary, well maintained blast equipment to perform any size or scope of work industrial project.